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Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Photo Wednesday:
"huh? Is that you Wednesday??" Edition

I have houseplants. And as they are want to do they decided, in exchange for my absence (my trip to the inauguration) they'd reflect the consistance of existance without me by withering and dying. In fairness the Jade plants didn't do this but they're Buddhists and for all I know they may have died and returned several times over whilst I was away.

Anyway this blog is no Jaded plant. In fact just as I walked in the door, I looked at my plants and didn't recognize them (especially the ones without leaves). In the same way I looked upon my blog today on this Photo Wednesday and didn't recognize anything including that last post I left. I think I wrote it while typing without gloves into the iPhone wrapped in heating pad and still freezing on Pennsylvania Ave.

The photo wedensday shot above is one of the few things I took a picture of that I haven't seen a thousand versions of by other photogs: The Obama Kite!

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

After Inauguration back to Brooklyn

Brooklyn born blog is returning from Washington D.C. I'm sorting through my pics and will be posting info on my pov to history tomorrow.

Saturday, January 17, 2009

It's 11:45 pm does anybody know what that banging is?

Seriously. For the most of the day and all through tonight (currently 11:46pm) I've been hearing what sounds like a piledriver sending "I" beams into the area of Atlantic Av and Vanderbilt. I'm blocks away and the echos of pounding haven't let up. Now I like to party as much as the next handsome young lad, but listening to "Clyde's Car Crusher" all through the night is not going help me knock out this flu. Plus it's late for this type of work, no? Anybody have a clue?

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Harriet's Alter Ego. Us moving through it, it moving through us

I'm shaking up this Photo Wednesday a little bit to talk about the iconic urban boutique Harriet's Alter Ego.

Harriet's was a landmark for ten years and through two locations first on Flatbush near Fifth avenue (at the toe of the footprint that is intended to be Ratner's folly aka Atlantic Yards) and later when that location was closed for demolition, causing Harriet's to move further up Flatbush Av to it's second home between Prospect and St. Marks. It has been more than a launching point for cultural creatives of color, it has in a long and short time nestled into folk-landmark status in Brooklyn's recent geographical and psychic landscape. After all that and more, Harriet's Alter Ego was closed Saturday with a joyous celebration (to paraphrase) of life, death and the spirits of our ancestors.

And dayum it was so good fun.

Old friends, new friends, small children, veggie buffet, flying fashions. All good indeed.

I'm not going to go on about the vibe at the closing party, or the rhythmic press of throbbing bodies. I won't try to encapsulate the shop co-owned by Hekima Hapa and Ngozi Odita that gave lift to the wings of so many talents. I won't do any of that any further because I feel the most striking sensation of the night was of energy let loose and run rampant resulting in the following moment. At one point I moved quickly from the dance floor because I realized that between the people, the movement and the resulting generated heat, I couldn't breathe.

I went outside, out to the freeze post midnight sidewalk and swallowed long gulps of cold air. Looking around I was surprised to see how many others were doing the same. And then I saw what for me was the quintessential defining image of the moment. It was the door of Harriet's cocked open with a heavy flow of steam billowing out. Not from a stove or furnace but from the power, the pure heat of the energized 500 plus who through Harriet's, let their spirits soar. The energy couldn't be contained, of course it went free.

Based on what Ngozi was saying you should keep and eye and an ear out for when that energy resettles, because it will.

Harriet's Alter Ego Blog

Harriet's Alter Ego Website

And if you want a taste of what has been check this courtesy of the youtube

Friday, January 9, 2009

Bed-Stuy Art Hap'nins Sun Jan11+Last Night's Brooklyn Moon

Hello Brooklyn and beyond. Last night after 5am the moon was cheesy as in color and it's size being mighty like the kind of wheel I expect to find in Zabars. I've gotta fix my camera. It was amazing, I got crap shots. Here's one:

really, it was the moon I tell ya's ..arrugh.. stupid broke camera

In other news this Sunday Jan 11th there's a hap'ning going on. A convergence of Art and video, both of which I'm a fan. Should be a good Sunday afternoon spent (after the Giants stomp Philly on my sunday) off the beaten path in that funky Bed-Stuy way-station area between Pratt and Williamsburg , here's the release/details:

Gelato ArT/Video SaloN
Jan 11th - 3pm-until
178 Walworth St between Willoughby & Myrtle Ave,4th fl [GMAP]

So its the beginning of the New Year, and first of all Gisella and Garon would like to thank all of those beautiful souls who graced us with their presence and the several Art Salon's we held Last Year.

Soon we will be uploading video and stills of all events to our upcoming Gelato blog.

Now its time get ready to receive the blessings to come, to begin festivities anew, and to start the New Year with thoughts of Love and Prosperity. Its also time to get out the old to show or sell and bring in the new! - new friends, new inspiration, new music, and new opportunities to marry Art, Commerce & Fun.

THis SunDay, We are having the first OPen House Gelato ArT/ Video SaloN and we are having it in cooperation with Gary Campbell, at our dream space, Gary's loft on Walworth -which has hosted many beautiful events,some pictures of which you may find here & on , and You are Well Come to come through for 5 minutes or 5 hours.

There will be:

Light Refreshments and some Gelato, of course, bringing food or treats is very much appreciated and enhances your karma!

Artwork to see, sell or buy, from various artists such as:
Garon Peterson - Garonteed Love T- Shirts and Hoodies & maybe art
Gisella Sorrentino - Photos (,
Gary Campbell - Paintings (,
Laurie Krupp - Altar,
Pete Waldman - Galaxy glass pieces, -
Ron Jean Gilles - Jewelry/t-shirts,
Drew Kidd - Photos,
possibly some vintage clothing pieces from Heather La Mastro,

Live Music will be set up in the front room with Zeb playing his amazing Oud ( a string instrument) over his phat homemade beats and & DJ's playing a very cool music mix for when we all decide to boogie

and whatever good vibe you bring.


View Larger Map
"G" train to Myrtle /Willoughby - walk up Myrtle to Walworth and make a left - go to 178 closer to Willoughby

"G" train to Bedford/Nostrand - walk down Nostrand against the traffic to Willoughby, turn left, walk two blocks to Walworth, just past the Home Depot, turn right on Walworth, go to 178
The email mentioned other potential coolness privy only to those you show up, and that includes a possibility for naked art (they're making the art, you're invited to be naked). Sounds like surprises for all!

I don't actually know the organizers (Gelato), this info came to the magical mystical BrooklynBorn mailbox, I do happen to know one of the artists,(that would be Ron Jean Gilles who's jewelry and friendship I've appreciated since the time we were artists at Chashama) although I was unaware he's down with this. Hope to see you there (right after the Giants stomp Phillyon nobody actually), dress warm, it's still brick out.

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

PhotoWedns 01/07/09 New Years Forcast Edition!

So actually, all things considered 2008 wasn't that bad for me personally. And yup I lost gigs and money, I haven't seen a movie since Dark Knight and I miss the taste of red wine and fresh fish, but I'm still here, still rocking the opto-mystic.

Diveing Bear

Clearly for many '08 was in the toilet, biting a big one, incredulously sucking as it did. So this 1st Photo Wednesday of 2009 I offer question of your psyche's view; is this photo an image of the past being discarded or a demonstration of the dumpster diving we all may be doomed to in the near term? You make the call.

Btw there is psychic power in this blog don't believe? okay scully check out this precog moment from last july.

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Yeh That's it, Stay Classy American Apparel

Who's got bigger balls, Ill Gov. Rod Blagojevich or Dov Charney of American Apparel?
Who cares, but if Dov's sporting his own stock we'd only have to look to know how he's hanging.

I was busy minding my own business on the net when somehow I was transported to the AApp website where I encountered these lost looking souls:

Now I remember a point last year when there were so many salacious charges and downward nose-glances aimed at Dov Charney that I started mixing him up with "Girls gone Wild" producer Joe Francis. But does "dirty" Dov back down? nope. And why should he I just spent time writing about him and you just spent time reading him. And really when was the last time you read about a multimillion dollar t-shirt seller or for that matter, the Gap?

That aside the ad pics above remind me of this animated bit of the finest form of flattery directed toward Dov:

So yeh Rod showed the nation his Burris but Dov Charney's got jailbait-nips on constant rotation and he'll drop'em just to show you who's mackin.

and with that welcome to the new this year "nuthingtodowithbklyn" section
-til next time, um audi!

Friday, January 2, 2009

This is ground control....

As 2009 brings us all further into the future world many have dreamed of in which we'll one day be provided with tech benefits like anti-gravity belts, robot children and those cool pills from the Jetsons containing everything from confectionery to condominiums, I'd like to take this time to ask what unsavory side-effects will the future also bring.

As I type this, I'm listening to angry profanity laced shouting from four stories below. yeh, shouting in New York, breaking news. As I always do I check the clock, and carefully peer out the window, so that in case of homicide I can provide the most detailed anonymous account to the "crimestoppers hotline" all the while being careful to avoid stray gunfire.

Can you imagine my dismay at finding the streets empty, and all the shitstorming coming from one side of a cell phone conversation?


I heard.
(he's still screaming btw, but I think this paints the picture)

Ah....Once upon a time, a gem of inane street behavior like that could only be enjoyed by the select few, fortunate enough to be within earshot, but not in the world of tomorrow (tonight!) In our world of tomorrow(tonight!) two distinct areas, (even more if they conference*) can hear every ignorant utterance ghetto fools have to offer. What a truly convenient technological luxury!

anybody gotta futuristic scrambler?

Thursday, January 1, 2009

Happy New Year 2009, to Brooklynites and the world

I rang in the New at a combination of friend's living rooms, cozy local pubs, and one occasionally pretentious mini-night club, all in Brooklyn of course. (apologies to my friends who partied in Astoria) I wanted to go but that wind wass wicked, kept blowing me right up out the subway station. And have you ever walked through Astoria on a windy winter night, jeez you might as well be naked, wet and flayed.

No pictures, not for nothing but who wants to see dark blurry images from Moe's? Or video of someone's dvr'd broadcast of a network feed from Times Square? Nope what I have is best wishes to everyone who reads this, and especially everyone who commented on this blog in last year, my first year blogging.

I got plans (who doesn't?) for this year's blog which I'll be detailing probably sunday.

In the meantime as I watch the sun rise and the buildings' molten glare for the first time in 2009's Brooklyn I remember a lovely young lady from a far away place telling me long ago that one should always see the new year sun to properly greet the year and set the tone for things to come.

Admittedly when she said that I thought of how many times I had failed to see the first day much less the first daylight of the year and wondered if I'd been doing it wrong in all my prior years, you know being blatto and what-not. But seeing as I'm awake and staring directly into 2009, remembering her optimistic words help warm an otherwise cold morn.

(as you know I'm big on images so I took this one
but since my camera is still broke from the spill this
is what I got. The pic seems perfect considering...)