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Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Winter Bridge to Brooklyn : Photo Wednesday 02/16/11

This photo feels as variously hemmed and boxed in as in S.A.D. feburary can. I think its fitting.

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Sweeten the winter: Beny's Delice : Photo Wednesday 02/09/11


Just barely made this PhotoWednesday... so much to do...

anywhoo... Last few weeks have found my rummaging through me old stomping grounds, Clinton Hill,(Fort Greene! Bed-Stuy!) And along the way I wandered into a delightful display of delicious decadence distracted me and I was a decidedly directed into the den of desserts that is Beny's Delice.

The pictures are more demonstrative:

Beny's Delights

I got the cheese cake on a bead of short bread, very yummy. and a banana chocolate tart of some sort.
Both are on the top shelf (natch') and toward the right side

The interior is very rustic in a cutesy folk meets french cosmo kinda way. I liked the wall paper so much I'm thinking of using it for my laptop...they should put it on their website...or does noone do desktop-wallpapers anymore?


Staff quite nice, attentive and appropriately proud.

Apparently they've been open since last summer 2010, to think I used to live around the corner from the view above, what else is going on in my neighborhood since I've been gone? Suggests?

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Atlantic Yards Update: Photo Wednesday 02/02/11

Oh yeah the Hot Bird Building has come down


In lieu of the Atlantic Yards boondoggle more of the properties in it's clutches are going the way of the opposition. I was headed down Vanderbilt when I saw this building in mid-destruction and I don't think its over the top to say it looked ripped open and violated.


And at the actual construction site,

the stakes are in the heart, struts are in the ground for the Nets' soon to be arena. If you listen closely you can already hear the sound of losing...