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Saturday, May 28, 2011

Dance Africa all this Weekend @ BAM

What a year this has been so far, just yesterday the Great Spirit of Gil Scott-Heron passed across us all, and without gettin in too deep, that event reinforces how much of a year of transitions and lasting world altering change this has been already. There have been similar shifts in my personal life and I've noticed some changes in the local bloggy world, which I'll be getting into in future posts but yes, even without a discernible fictions rapture, it seems there is much realigning in our lives this year.

Thats a big lead in, but in times of uncertainty celebration of life and tradition is always good, and a great example of that is the annual and ongoing event Dance Africa at the Brooklyn Academy of Music this Memorial Day weekend.

Dance Africa has stood for over 30 years as a kick-off to Summer events in Brooklyn and throughout the city and it also the place for Great Culture, Great Food, Great Sounds all downtown in Brooklyn of course. After the damp grey May we've had it's time to get this Summer going!

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