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Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Photo Wednesday : 03/30/11 : Dressing Up & Dressing Down in the Hood


The tiles of the new Chavela's on Franklin Ave in Crown Heights.

I was passing by one night last week and noticed a handsome crowd galavanting inside, as I approached with a small bag of groceries, a regular dude was entering and let me in. I looked around 180 degrees and connected eyes again with the regular guy who then informed me, "they're not open" he apologized as I walked out.

Chavela's isn't the only new biz dolling up:
pawn pennant 1

pawn pennant2

pawn pennant 3

Ah yes these flags were needed because an (actually) underground pawn shop is not tacky enough. Is this legal?

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Photo Wednesday 03/23/11 :"The End is Far Away" Edition

"The End is Far Away", originally uploaded by b'klynborn.
Jeez I had this photo taken and post written this morning and the day got away from me.

I've mentioned many reasons for having "photowednesdays" on this blog. some reasons are current events love of Brooklyn and keeping my idle hands from being the devils playthings. I've probably also mentioned it's not always easy to find a new pic of something Brooklyn-centric or born that's interesting. I never want photo Wednesdays to turn into a catalogue of cliched pics of the bridge or the arch.

all this to say i wasnt clear or looking forward to this photo wednesday. its winter i work almost nonstop and so whatever uniqueness goes on i feel i miss lately. sometimes i cant imagine what there is to see that hasnt been seen already in Brooklyn, and then there's images like this I found today.

I'm a morning facebook checker and I found a professional friends announcement that his mom had passed. a few weeks back I and thousands like me lost a great friend and I couldn't help notice the last few weeks on facebook how many personal condolence messages there have been.

then on a bit of a tangent there's slot of conversations I've found myself in lately with people expressing the end of days coming in 2012 (which I'm not a believer in) and the frequency of these conversations, not the actual topic, but that so many people are subscribing.... leaves me a little speechless.
all that to say this morning I felt as grey as the day.

and then there's image and it's message waiting to be seen.

happy Wednesday y'all

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Photo Wednesday: 03/16/11 : Natural Edition

Prospect Park Pond, originally uploaded by b'klynborn.

not much to say been a rough time in life and nature lately but hey flowers bloom in spring...

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Board in Brooklyn, new on Franklin : Photo Wednesday 03/09/11

there've been a lot of good images pass my eyes lately so this week it's three photos for Wednesday. 2 showing the interest boarding is enjoying in Brooklyn these days...

Board on Bedford buy Burgers

the photo below has nothing to do with boards (except maybe the boards on te windows) but it does speak to new goings on Franklin Av. I've been too busy to research beyond staring at construction workers and for all I know the "ilovefranklinave" blog probably covered this already. Anybody know what it is?

alls I knows is if it services and enhanced the hood, I'm with it.

Going up on Franklin

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Photo Wednesday: In Memorium

peace, originally uploaded by b'klynborn.

last week was too hectic put this out to the universe but rest in peace DEM and thank you much.