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Sunday, May 6, 2012

MJ's Rainbow 6/27 - 11


Watch it. Do it.

Change seems, like the passing blur out side your bus, car, train, plane window, to be the indication that something in the universe is moving against you. not ominous or provocatively, necessarily, but definitely moving and definitely not in the same direction as you. obvious right? That's why change is change and not "same".

I wondered about this particular post that you're reading. It has been a while since I've added anything to this blog. Nearly one year. and longer still since I wrote consistently. That's probably closer to three years since I updated posts consistently.

When I started this blog my goal, as is stated, was to add a voice to the cacophony on Brooklyn Bloggers, many of whom seemed, new, to put it coy and lightly. I also wanted to tell Brooklyn stories. Stories I thought people would like and maybe had experienced themselves, but that were not widely distributed or spotlighted. Another goal was creative discipline, I wanted an outlet that I could pour my energy into, and a production structure to reliably present content as well as reminding myself that I was the creative professional my resume claims me to be. I was also, like many people very under-employed and needed something to do with my free computer time other than checking my checking account and iCalendar to see exactly when I was likely to be broke and homeless. And let us not forget the dragons. Dragons like the beasts to be know as Atlantic Yards, and the Barclays Center and the 2008 Republican Presidential Nominee and a rule breaking Mayor in search of a third sheet, all in need of righteously fueled raging blog posts to be written in hopes of defeating and sending them all back to their misconceived caves. All that and more was why I started writing this blog.

We'll things changed.

I'm back. There's no horns, no onslaught of comments wondering where the new posts went or when I would be posting the next "Photo Wednesday" or "Missed-it-Monday". To be honest much of the correspondence that did result  from this blog came from other bloggers and most of them have other things to do these days, which in a lot of cases isn't a bad thing at all.

But yeh, I'm back and there's no clear sign that anything is different now that I'm adding a new post after a ten month absence but that's because this is the restart. It's usually easier to see how things change after you've stepped away far enough to notice that motion whizzing by.

Hello Brooklyn. Again. Seeya soon.


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