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Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Yes, I did.

I got several text messages throughout the day saying "I voted! did you?" I got that message from friends and distant acquaintances so I guess it's a viral mass action.

I thought it was an interesting way to encourage the electorate.

The best moment of my day came on Kings Highway, I was skating to my polling place. It's miles from where I live in B'klyn because I haven't changed it since I was 18.

As I skated down the empty sidewalk, I noticed a dude walking toward me. He was a dark skinned brother with Island features in his late 20's early 30's and he made eye contact as he approached. The eye contact didn't break and I noticed he was giving a toothy smile now.

When I got within 20 feet of him he said causally and with an island lilt,
"ya beh'tuh be skatin' tah vote"

I couldn't stop laughing as we passed and I guess to assure him I looked back laughing too much to speak my agreement and he smiled and repeated, "ya gotta vote"


When I finally got to PS 251 elementary out in "The Flatlands" as the ex likes to call it, I made my way to the booth and found I couldn't pull the lever. It wasn't mental, it was mechanical. The little lever wouldn't turn to the "X" position.

I asked some help from the kindly old lady standing vigil outside the curtain and she replied,"no you can't use that one only Democrat." Now before anyone misunderstands, I was attempting to vote for Barack Obama, and attempting (as is the option in New York City) to vote for them on the Working Families Party, which they are on in addition to the traditional Democratic ticket. So the kindly lady wasn't trying to influence or game my vote, at least that's not how I took it, but it did sound strange.

Anyway, she helped me. I was then able to make my selections and take a pic of the historic choice, but I got so overwhelmed by the moment that I took the pic above before I had marked the "X" so it's not quite the momento I was going for, but never the less, I voted, did you?

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