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Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Photo Wednesday: Mos Def a Fort Greene Fest Edition! +Video!

There was an immense amount of goings on from last week through the weekend. At some point all will be revealed but for now enjoy this clip from one of last weekend's highlights, the 3rd Annual Fort Greene Fest. Mos Def Headlined a concerted that featured Res, Game Rebellion and hyper local talents Mr. Mecc, and Tai Allen, to name a few. There was also a ridiculously tone-deaf set by a certain local rapper who couldnt take a hint.

But nuff a that, second only to the most amazing music was the food from Madiba, Brooklyn Moon, General Greene, , I got shots a plenty of the delicious vittles I scarfed down, but for now, enjoy this clip of the Mighty Mos Def most definitely representing Bk to the fullest...

MosDef @ Fort Greene Fest 2011 from BklynBorn on Vimeo.

Quick clip from MosDef @ Fort Greene Fest 2011. Shakey at first but it levels, enjoy

Also stay tuned to this blog-channel for details of the next music event headed to the Fort Greene/Downtown Bk area, it will be epic!

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Photo Wednesday 06/22/11: Candy Countdown Edition

Franklin Av Candy Shop
Candy Land Bk Style, The candy colored interior of the shop. originally uploaded by b'klynborn.

"Lemme take you to the Candy Shop..." like most 50 Cent lyrics I find even thinking this in the tune of his jams both catchy and inappropriate, plus this post is supposed to be my "Photo Wednesday": Candy Shop centric post and so far I have you thinking bout a over-hyped rapper instead of a new entrepreneurial venture on Franklin Avenue, which is, ta da: "The Candy Shop"!

But I guess that's to be expected, my blogging habits have been sporadic which is no way to cover the Brooklyn Spring just concluded, in which I saw more than a few new businesses blossom.

For now I'll spill guts on Candy Shop, it is what it sounds like, no hipster ironies here, not recreational medicine hub, but in fact a story selling candies of various sorts including the kind of giant lollipops usually found on Coney Island or Oz.

In fact I was recently informed that the Candy Shop had intended on opening sooner than this and was held back because they didn't have a license to sell candy in jar. Who knew you need a license in NYC to have candy in a jar?!? Is that mind-boggling to you? It is to me, I mean you can put a fish in a jar with no permission or regulation and that's a living creature, but trying putting Swedish fish in a jar, liable to get written up.

Anyway the proprietors of the Candy Shop are the same gents who brought us the "About Time" store across the street from Candy Shop's location on Franklin Av between Park and Sterling. As many in this edge of Crown Heights (or Crow Hill) know these young men are very active in supporting community events and progress.

The Candy Shop from what one of the owners told me, will also serve as an exhibition space, so have your proposals and what-not ready.

Candy Countdown, originally uploaded by b'klynborn.
This photo of the countdown to Candy Shop's opening was taken on Tuesday so in fact there are 3 days to go, with opening day being this Saturday 6/25

The details on the shop as reported on the "IloveFranklinAveBlog" (note the blog refers to the name of the store as "The Candy Rush") are as follows:

The scoop on “The Candy Rush”

The Candy Rush
is a vintage Candy Land and Ice Cream shop by day and eclectic event space by night. The founders, Kevin Phillip and Garnett Alcindor, are on the quest to deliver the ultimate treat experience with their vast candy selection and fresh organic ice cream, delivered by Blue Marble Creamery. The Candy Rush will offer thirteen of Blue Marble Creamery’s best tasting flavors. Customers will be able to customize their ice cream selections by adding their favorite fruit and candy toppings. The candy store also offers homemade juices, root beer floats, milkshakes and fresh brewed coffees topped with your favorite ice cream.

The 1200 square foot dessert spot showcases handmade countertops, tabletops and a candy-coated bench, built with actual candy. Guests can eat out doors on the beautiful deck.

At The Candy Rush, a container of ice cream can range from $2.50-$4.00. Homemade juices made by Chef Shani Porter, will be $2.50 for 12 ounces, and $2 between 3pm-5pm on weekdays. The candy store is stocked with an assortment of candy, including hard-to-find vintage candy and modern day favorites. Customers can choose to purchase various candy combinations starting at $8.00/lb.

The candy store will also sell made-to-order candy gift baskets, great for any occasion.

Grand Opening Event

Lets get the confetti and sprinkles; ice cream lovers of all ages are invited to come celebrate! The grand opening celebration will officially kick off on Saturday, June 25th at 10am. The first one hundred scoops of ice cream will be FREE for attendees.
Creditable press and bloggers will receive an all-access pass, in which they receive free samples and gift bags.

The Candy Rush Announces Grand Opening Event
Grand opening (open to the public)
Saturday, June 25th, 2011
733 Franklin Ave
Brooklyn, NY 11238
Free Entry 10am-10pm

Now if I can only get some creditable  press credentials for my anonymous blog... Dare I say it's gonna be sweet... (couldnt resist)