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Friday, September 27, 2013

Whoa. Mystery traffic accident nearly wipes out new cafe

"I heard a tire screech I thought was the sound of breaks being applied and then "wham!"."

About 1:30p Friday (today as of 9/27) A Benz sedan rest angled into a parked black car and a group of onlookers stood around. The sedan had a sizable dent behind the driver side door. On the street a trail of skid marks arching suddenly from the Benz and out into the Bedford avenue at the intersection of park place.

I thought the Benz was hit into the driver until a passerby told me it had suddenly accelerated and then took a sharp left turn off Bedford into Parl place. The passerby said the driver seemed to be accelerating and not breaking.

The good news is there seem to be no one injured. This is amazing considering had the turn been less by half, it would have easily plowed directly into the new corner cafe on Park & Bedford.

The bad is the parked car the Benz hit has heavy damage to its rear and side, and an owner who only found out about the hit when he came out to drive to work.

The driver of the Benz left the scene it seems. My speculation is the Benz was stolen by a non-driver who lost control.

Police are on the scene investigating at this moment.

Thursday, September 26, 2013

Photo Wednesday 092513 : Just Kiosks Me Edition

Kiosks are being erected all around the west end of Crown Heights (and I'm presuming the rest of Trending Brooklyn) evidenced by the two I saw rise up on Franklin, one by the subway stop, the other by my fave Chinese spot. Clearly both get a lot of foot traffic.

As usual in New York some folks are against it. Some friends even, wish the kiosks (which really aren't traditional kiosksthese only have a map in a radius around the monolith's location) weren't here.

One friend felt the kiosks make the neighborhood feel like Times Square. My response, compared to what it once was, it kinda is. With all the (illegal?) airbnb action around the way, we in Crown Heights really could give midtown a run for its foreign money. Thrown in all the newcomers and short stay (soon to turn over) renters and there's valid reason to have a map every six blocks in Brooklyn. Brooklyn is huge physically. Combine that with the never ending tug of war on what name denotes which hood and you have a need for neighborhood maps.

Personally I was initially surprised that our residential area should get such official treatment but then I saw that the maps accurately depict the neighborhood as "Crown Heights" and I was won over.

More housekeeping happening in the hood, this time along Washington Avenue where a number of trees were pruned for what I'd say was the first time in 20 years at least. I'm betting the Sandy storm aftermath has something to do with this preventative mantainance. 

Also for months now the road work on Nostrand Av has been resurfacing that long neglected road and it looks like work  between Atlantic and Eastern Parkway is nearing completion.

What changes have you noticed?

Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Photo Wednesday 090413 : Grand Army Edition

Not too many beautiful blue days like today left so enjoy it when/if you can!

Next week is primary time and somehow Bill Thompson got into my building to leave campaign lit. 

Speaking of the primary I hope all you independent minded folk realize you won't be effectively be able to vote for mayor since NYC is a party only primary.

That's right, and since turnout is expected to be low, and we're. Dem-Ind heavy city it's likely approximately 10% of the voting public will be the ones to choose our next mayor.

How ya like dem apples?

Monday, September 2, 2013

PAH-TEE DUN!? Does The Earlier Ending West Indian Parade Change The Culture?

After some weeks away I'm back today on deh pahkweh and u can't believe it really shuts down at 4pm.

Judging by how many people were still lining the parade route after it was done, I'm not alone.

The ruling passed a few years back curtailing city parades to 4pm meant almost nothing for most parades but the West Indian Day Parade is the big exception.

Years gone by would see the parade last well into 7p recent decades brought the end time to 6.

The opinion of whether the earlier ending is good or bad is divided by culture and straddled by race. One thing seems clear based on the piles of still simmering food trays and still burning cook fires, food vendors are still coming loaded for hours of sales. I wonder how they made out