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Wednesday, October 27, 2010

3D Restaurant in Crow Hill, status?

3D'S Restaurant
The warm and delicious "3D'S" Restaurant (pictured) at the corner of Franklin and Sterling Place in Crown Heights seems to have been closed for some time, at least every day when I pass it is. A family owned and operator that has been open for decades, they make tasty island fare and especially delicious Chicken and Fish Pattys.

Does anyone have info about the recenting goings on?


Photo Wednesday 10/27/10: A Bridge 2.... Edition

Very big milestone in the life of this Brooklyn Born Boy occurred recently, that an a series of videos I made involving the Manhattan Bridge ten years ago made this the right pic for this Photo Wednesday. Eras being bridged an all...
photo Wednesday contender

Plus the tones and values aren't bad either.

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

PhotoWed 10/20/10 : An Unlikely pair Edition

I'm referring in the title to the tube socks of course, well no, not really.

Granted, the gent in the photo, complete as he is in camouflage, beret and that aforementioned pair of white tube socks is an unlikely somebody to be (of all things) holding up the wall on Prospect Place, but as I watched him hold it down, or keep it up (whichever you prefer) he was joined by a woman who seemed not to know him, and also seemed to be very much the prototypical Brooklyn Sunday church lady.

And there they are.

Sunday, October 17, 2010

That New York Spirit (from NYT 10/18/10)

Just read this Dan Barry article in today's NY Times, its the eulogy of a beautiful dynamic vivacious woman, who was more character than words could account. She in my mind is quintessentially the vanished New York City that's celebrated, conjured and missed.

I recommend reading it:

Thursday, October 14, 2010

Hail of a storm in Brooklyn

yeh.... the insta-hailstorm was a few days ago and lasted for all of 15 minutes but life's been busy for this Brooklyn born boy so finally here's some video showing what happens when the subway is your only refuge from the angry balls of ice hailed down Brooklyn last week.

Check for the guy with the umbrella, to
see the velocity of the hailstones:

unfortunately I'm posting this from my iphone so I'm not able to make it viewable but the link should lead you there.
Finally had time to get the video up, enjoy: