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Thursday, October 14, 2010

Hail of a storm in Brooklyn

yeh.... the insta-hailstorm was a few days ago and lasted for all of 15 minutes but life's been busy for this Brooklyn born boy so finally here's some video showing what happens when the subway is your only refuge from the angry balls of ice hailed down Brooklyn last week.

Check for the guy with the umbrella, to
see the velocity of the hailstones:

unfortunately I'm posting this from my iphone so I'm not able to make it viewable but the link should lead you there.
Finally had time to get the video up, enjoy:


  1. Thank you. This was fascinating! What an interesting vantage point from which to (safely?) photograph the hail storm -- the gradual build-up of large hail stones on the stairs, the many lightning flashes (!), people in the subway on cell-phones, likely calling home, or whomever . . . etc.

    Unfortunately my sound is down and I could only see the video, without your comments if there was audio to your video.

    Shiney Lee

  2. Dear BB: What subway stop is this? I was surprised when your voice said something about Eastern Parkway. I used to live on E.P. Thank you for posting this film of the storm.

  3. Dear Shiney Lee,
    It was fairly safe, although I wasn't certain when while it was happening. The really surreal part was when I exited, which is too shakey and vomit inducing to show. The ground was coated, solidly coated in ice from the hail landing and adhering icily to itself.

    Dear Anonymous, that was the Franklin Av stop which I'm sure you remember is where the 2,3,4,5 (and since the 90's Franklin Av Shuttle) connect.

    Thanks for commenting.


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