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Wednesday, October 27, 2010

3D Restaurant in Crow Hill, status?

3D'S Restaurant
The warm and delicious "3D'S" Restaurant (pictured) at the corner of Franklin and Sterling Place in Crown Heights seems to have been closed for some time, at least every day when I pass it is. A family owned and operator that has been open for decades, they make tasty island fare and especially delicious Chicken and Fish Pattys.

Does anyone have info about the recenting goings on?



  1. Just talked to 3D's last night - they're renovating, and they'll be re-opening sometime soon.

  2. YO! Is that the bakery u brought me to for patties last month?

  3. it is being renovated. It is supposed to reopen soon.

  4. thanks for the update folks! I've been wondering and fiending for those delicious chicken patties. Glad all is well.


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