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Friday, November 5, 2010

Late Photo Wednesday : Voting Too Damn High Edition


I haven't been in a post Repub House takeover stupor but I have been itching to post my photos from the polling place wayyyyy out in scenic Flatlands where most current brooklyn dwellers don't know an whose distance I only recall on election day. Seriously one day I will update my voting address.

In the mean time the new-dangled polling machines - Which as we SHOULD all know by now are just like standardized tests forms, was a little modern, a little archaic (do I really need that voter stand to make my selections?) couldn't I just sit on the floor off to the side and work it out?

but here's photos for the wackasses who don't vote.


and I would be remise if I didn't mention I really woulda voted for Jimmy McMillian as Govenor but by the time I saw his name I'd already voted for the other guy. Jimmy, your name was TOO DAMN HIGH (on the ballot).


don't worry Jimmy, I got you next time.

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