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Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Raccoon!! + Soledad O'Brien!! = Breaking News

Raccoon in Brooklyn!
The Raccoon! Not quite the eye of the tiger. (video below)

BREAKING NEWS! - So I interrupt my program of fall foliage, to announce I have captured on film the elusive Downtown Brooklyn Raccoon. In a blog posting (I never wrote) I encountered The Raccoon weeks ago on the night before the gov'ment wiped out my WaMu shares. I never posted this because in addition to being somewhat drunk I didn't have a clear photo... (It was raining that night and I had the sting of financial ruin in my eyes...)

But tonight the Clinton Hill Raccoon is captured! on film at least.

I was originally intending on writing about the discussion/forum on Black Men that was organized by two time congress-hopeful Kevin Powell and moderated by CNN's Soledad O'Brien, but after leaving the event I wandered down to the Lafayette Av/Fulton St triangle and encountered the great furry beastie.

Raccoon in Brooklyn!
(outside of Lafayette Presbyterian Church)

The Raccoon was chillin, hard. Strolling across streets, through crosswalks, it made a pit-stop at Moe's and looked more comfortable on Lafayette than most 1st year Pratt students. Now for all you suburban folks, country heads and new-comers, I know you can throw a rock in the woods and hit a family of raccoons, but I'm impressed by the fact that at 9pm on crowded streets this raccoon was holding sway.

I marveled at it's marbled majesty and the amount of luck it took for the fat fuzzy creature (who didn't seem interested in sprinting) to navigate city streets. That is until I saw it wait for the light at South Elliot. (see below)

Raccoon Crossing (Brooklyn Style)
(triangle of Lafayette Av & South Elliot, Fulton St.)

In minor seriousness the fuzzy dude (or dudette) seems very much at home. Really as you can see in some pics it waddled right past me and others with little concern or aggression toward us. So I hope nobody fucks with it. (As long as it's not rabid or ripping the throats out of small pets and children with it's unnaturally dexterous clawed thumb) If it does turn out to be a rabid threat, screw 311 let's get this guy.

Here's The video (very blairwitch at the start) it's best part is during the encounter at Moe's:


  1. Heh heh heh, that raccoon was meandering Lafayette like he OWNED the block..great stuff Brooklyn Born!

  2. Your raccoon is really putting in the mileage apparently, because on an early morning run the other day, I encountered said raccoon near my apt. in Cobble Hill. He followed me, and I dove down an alleyway to lose him. I had been wondering what became of him (so far from all things leafy & green) and now I know: he had ventured off to more exciting lands - a.k.a. Clinton Hill.

  3. Carly, i think it's undeniable, this raccoon knows the value of cardio.

    Thx for your comments!


    raccoon's natural diet is trash dude

  5. Please i had to miss the summit held by Kevin Powell can you please post your experience. Was it crowded? I went to a event last year and it was packed. Did it start on time? Did everyone that was advertised show up for the panel? Were any real life solutions talked about?

  6. I think I saw that raccoon in Prospect Heights a couple of weeks ago. He was ambling from garden to garden on Park Place between Vanderbilt and Flatbush Avenues and didn't seem to care at all that he was being followed.

  7. Perley J. ThibodeauNovember 13, 2008 at 2:58 PM

    I feed the Raccoons in Central Park Zeti, Macaronni and Chesse, Tilapia and I cook Pasta Vasool.
    You should do the same as our Raccoons are professional models and don't pose for tourist's pictures for nothing!

  8. @ l martin johnson pratt

    Here's my account of the Kevin Powell hosted event:

  9. This is SuperRedux,BB. My logins to sh*t so forgive the anonymous post-City folk always amaze me. A canine-sized raccoon ventures towards you in the middle of the night and u call it over to offer it chips. And your hand apparently.
    Secondly, all I think of during your vid is those Geico commercials of that English fellow stalking the gecko. I was waiting for it to offer car insurance to every person that passed it. But offer that gay guy at the bar medical insurance before mutilating his hand with the Lays bag in a deathgrip.
    Good stuff, BB. Ques-Would this go on the plus side of the gentrification argument, neg side? The racc, that is, not the chip offering gay guy.

  10. hi solar dad. my mom and u used to be good friends. Her name is Lauren Feinman. Im her daighter sarah

  11. Hi Sarah, I'm not Soledad. I'm sorry for the confusion, if you check out the blog page you see I was writing about an event Soledad O'Brien attended. If you are looking for her, you can probably call CNN in New York and leave a message for her.

    Take care.

    (umBrooklynBorn) Blog


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