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Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Thanksgivings sans misgivings + birds on the out-side + Photo Wednesday 2

stuffedturkey2008 croppedI'd planned to write a Thanksgiving post tomorrow from the unique Brooklyn point of view one would expect from the Brooklyn Born Blog. Suddenly I said to myself, "Hey", and my self said,"what?!" I replied,"Between the eating, sleeping, eating and wandering that I (and many) will be doing tomorrow, what's the likelihood of me actually posting anything to a blog other than "zzz's". Answer: same as tomorrow's odds of the Detroit Lions winning, America collectively losing weight, and anyone mistaking homemade cranberries sauce for the canned version.
The pictured birds denied steroids usage they also deny inflation and are against bailouts.


All that to say I'm posting these extra helpings of holiday edition Brooklyn Born Photo Wednesday images for today, tomorrow and the weekend, unless I happen to get a pic of former jailbird John Forté and Lame Duck Bush shaking hands while beat-boxing "Hit the Road Jack".

"Tom! the protective gate's open! We're vulnerable! Where's the lock?!" "lock??"

Personally I think Thanksgiving is the most important holiday in the ol U.S. of A. The concept of thanks and sharing the company of loved ones trumps the nationalist and religious themes of just about every other holiday we have. Which I believe allows more of us to celebrate the day without reservations (no pun intended) despite the fact that in every family gathering there's likely to be someone who hasn't returned your calls since borrowing your snow boots last Christmas. That the USA singularly celebrates Thanksgiving secures the day in our memories, expectations and as a result in our traditions and culture.

That's my waxing for the day. If you like those pennies of opinion here's two more:
Make an effort to hug the loved ones you're least likely to hug during the course of the year. If anyone tries to call you out as a bitch-ass-softy, reply that you're not hugging, you simply needed someone to lean on after a tryptophan induced fainting spell.

Btw if you've got better captions for these ridiculous pictures write them as comments, the winner will get posted as most cleverest and the rest of us will snipe.

Happy Turkey Day everybody.

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