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Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Photo Wednesday 11/19/08 & Fall Foliage Series #05

Colors of Fall B'klyn 2008

The photo comes from inside the small but attractive campus of St. Josephs College which is in Clinton Hill. I doubt many people outside students and workers ever see this space, it's nestled between the campus buildings.

I present this secret gem this Photo Wednesday to tell a short story of my grandmother, a feisty lady, who back in the 70's was no different. Over 50 back then, she deciding to start a whole new career and become a teacher to help ends meet. She felt she had to enroll in college, since that would guarantee better pay and assignments. It wasn't easy, she worked while enrolled and eventually she achieved both a Bachelor's and Master's degree.

I was taking Fall pictures when I passed by and remembered my grandmother's graduation was held there.


  1. Beautiful! Is that by the Cathedral on Pacific? So many secret lots there, you're lucky you got in with a camera. Did you grandmother study at St. Joseph's?

  2. Yes my grandmother did study at St. Joseph's College, it's on Clinton Ave, in the Clinton Hill section of Brooklyn. Thx for askin!


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