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Wednesday, September 9, 2009

End. Game (yet?) Atlantic Yards morphs turdtastic

Gothamist today has the story of the new renderings for the taxpayer funded money pit that is called Atlantic Yards/Barclay Center.

You probably know it is a bloated project, feed by tax dollars enriching private investors and it will drop a massive overcrowding set of buildings and stadium into an area not big enough and already choked with traffic. oh and it's ugly and built by people who've already dropped an ugly barely usable project across the street.

As tiring as it is to keep writing this, it will be worse to live with it, if it's built.

here is one of the new renders after the old baited and switched designers for the project were roundly dissed.

(img credit: ShoP Architects)

and here's what I wrote on gothamist:
The project needs to be scaled into something workable, and the arena can be anywhere along miles of underutilized brooklyn waterfront, or even, if they really want to improve a blighted neighborhood as they calm, the whole project can move about 8 blocks west to where atlantic has almost nothing but auto body shops and vacant lots. there's even an LIRR station that can be used.

like here:

but equally insane are these renderings. the second image shows a crowd of kids about to wander gleefully into Atlantic Avenue, a six lane stretch of people slicer!

Once again, why is it wrong to stop this madness as it currently stands?
As always if you want the detailed story check with Atlantic Yards report which has tirelessly reported on this project. Some day this war's gonna end.

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