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Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Photo Wed: 09/09/09 : Parade Nuh Stop Edition!

It's photo wednesday! And if you say the previous post, you know I took a ton of photos at the West Indian Day Parade 09.

After much thought this is my favorite narrative shot. check it. (hint) look for the purse.

West Indian American Day Parade 2009 - 37

speaking of the parade, the new york post tried to link an unfortunate and unrelated shooting that happened in Brownsville, to the parade events, they even tossed Colin Powell in for good measure. I'm not linking to the story because it wasn't at all part of the parade. but I will say wrapping dog waste in the new york post is redundant to say the least. i'm sure some good-hearted hard working people put their time and energy into it, and that's a shame. at least they get paid.


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