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Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Photo Wednesday 02/03/10 : Retouched Edition

The derelict Loews Kings Theater in Brooklyn, Aug09
I just wrote what was my Photo Wednesday post for today, then I read today's New York Times and saw this that the Leow's King's Theater, a classic movie palace of the 1930's, 40's and 50's on Flatbush Avenue (in the Heart of Flatbush, Brooklyn) long left to neglect and ruin, is being restored. I had to stop my "presses" I didn't even read the whole times article but my first response is this is great news.

And it's the only major thing I agree with boro prez Marty about.

The Times has pics of the interior which I've never seen, I took a few shots of the exterior which is still mighty despite the disrepair.
The derelict Loews Kings Theater in Brooklyn, Aug09

Flatbush was once a marquee avenue in more ways than one. A few blocks east of the Loew's stood the Albemarle Theater at the start of Albemarle Avenue.

The Former Albemarle Theater now a Jehovah's Witness Church
Seen above this theater has become a Jehovah's Witness church, but I remember when it was a theater. I saw the film "The Empire Strikes Back" here. It was my mom and I, afterward I was so distraught by the ending (I was young, and huge fan of the previous Star Wars movie) that my mother couldn't take me home. To cheer me up she brought me over to the little McDonalds on Flatbush where I ate till I felt better.

It'd be great if a new generation can enjoy a grand theater on Flatbush again. Of course I should probably read the article, for all I know it could be the new home of an unwanted sports team.

(btw this week's photo wednesday was of the 4th Ave subway station illuminated, but that'll come next week.)


  1. I remember when the JWs took over that theater. I always remember a scene in Night on Earth with Rosie Perez and Giancarlo Esposito when they drive past it. I thought someone must really know Brooklyn to scout out that location. The Times says it is set to be a live performance venue which would be great!

  2. Hi there,

    Just heard the news on WNYC, then saw your posting (and skimmed the times article). No sports complex it seems - to be a theatrical and performance space. 'once again the biggest in Brooklyn'. So good news on that front . . .


  3. Yeh I went and read the article, no stadium, stage events to come great story all around. I checked out the photo slide show connected to the online article and I have to credit the Times reporters and photogs. The interior photos are amazing, even in disrepair there's so much beauty and workmanship in the interiors of the theater and the Times really shoes it in that online article.

  4. Dude. This just reminded me that me and my brother stood in a long line there to see Return of the Jedi. My first exposure to SW, if u can believe it!

  5. Many years ago I used to manage the Albemarle Theater. Besides the Loews Kings which was a treasure, there was also the Rialto near Erasmus HS and the RKO Kenmore on Church Ave. Great memories. It would be fantastic for the Kings to be restored - what a beautiful place it was.


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