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Sunday, February 14, 2010

Which Valentine's Photo is You?

Couples in Crown Heights bonded against winter
or This?
Winter Walk in Crown Heights
Well, no matter how you roll this Feb14th, solo or tied down (yes you) I hope you at least stay warm in spirit and use protection, yes pvc.

And why not be optimistic, it's the start of the new Chinese Lunar New Year, Year of the Tiger.

According to the interwebs(specifically, Yahoo):
Nuptials aren't a good idea in the upcoming days, at least not in Beijing. Thanks to a disconnect between solar and lunar calendars, the Year of the Tiger apparently doesn't have a spring: No spring makes this a "widow year," which portends infertility—and explains the last-minute rush of newlyweds in China before the New Year kicked in.
Grrreat! That's muuuch better.

Generally Wednesday is photo day around here, but I braved the storm and took these shots and some if you'll excuse my pride, are quite nice:
nearly monochromatic Easter Parkway
People can say what they will about Manhattan versus the outer boroughs, (frankly I talk a lot of smack about Manhattan) but a day after the Blizzard I left work to clean sidewalks not remembering it had snowed until I walked back out of the subway and into the Brooklyn.

winter aura brooklyn


  1. Nice images indeed. New York is so beautiful in a snowstorm. And today brings more yet . . .


  2. Those are indeed lovely winter images. New York - Brooklyn - looks so beautiful after a good storm. Before everything turns to slush that is . . .



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