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Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Photo Wednesday:
"huh? Is that you Wednesday??" Edition

I have houseplants. And as they are want to do they decided, in exchange for my absence (my trip to the inauguration) they'd reflect the consistance of existance without me by withering and dying. In fairness the Jade plants didn't do this but they're Buddhists and for all I know they may have died and returned several times over whilst I was away.

Anyway this blog is no Jaded plant. In fact just as I walked in the door, I looked at my plants and didn't recognize them (especially the ones without leaves). In the same way I looked upon my blog today on this Photo Wednesday and didn't recognize anything including that last post I left. I think I wrote it while typing without gloves into the iPhone wrapped in heating pad and still freezing on Pennsylvania Ave.

The photo wedensday shot above is one of the few things I took a picture of that I haven't seen a thousand versions of by other photogs: The Obama Kite!


  1. I read that banner and immediately recall TRANSFORMERS----'till all are---' Yeah u did 2 nerd!

  2. Ah man you know I never lie to nerds!. Seriously my first thought was, "damn, shoulda guessed Barack was an Autobot...."


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