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Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Photo Wednesday attempts to find perspective with a limited lens.

Circuit City out of Business at Atlantic Ctr. Bklyn
"sign of the times #01b" If only it referred to Atlantic Yards

It's PhotoWednesday.
And I miss my camera. As some of you may recall back in late November at a really energetic point of the year, my camera did a swan dive to the pavement while I was traveling at about 15 m.p.h., evidently fast enough to make a Canon PowerShot look like this.

Since then the calendar has flipped, history has changed and thankfully I do have some other photo-capable devices. But the ability to point shoot and fine tune my view into a clear picture is not what it once was. Thanks alot non-focusing iPhone Camera you blockhead!!

A sign of the times which is fortunate though slightly disturbing is that while I don't have health insurance (this winter I've drank or eaten approximately my weight in ginger and other medicinal spices) my camera did have insurance.

A better insurance policy than any I've ever had, in fact it's so great that I would recommend it to specifically but I can't remember the name. But it still works! How great is that? What I do know is this. I went to B&H Photo to buy my camera which was actually a replacement for my first camera which, uh, took a swan dive into the pavement at about 25 m.p.h. (noticing a pattern?) and when the sales associate came to me, I like any good New Yorker, knew exactly what I wanted and had not the time to be upsold on fancy camera baubles and trendy camera-lederhosen or worse, these.

Instead the guy offered insurance, and I scoffed loudly to underscore that I was in fact a New Yorker. My scoff clearly identifying that I accept there are no assurances nor need for delusions of insurance. And that's when he said,"ya know if you had insurance you wouldn't've had to buy a new camera".

Now in a former life I worked at Tekserve. I felt I knew all about the wretched sensation of powerlessness that comes from dropping $100+ on protection money(applecare) and then having it rendered meaningless because you dropped your device before your device could express the honor and decency required to commit sepukku(”せっぷく”for those in the know). So to me the guy was speaking a smoothed ribbon of Merda de Vaca.

To prove him a filthy liar I hoisted my first twisted pile of plastic/camera from the counter (where it had been used for comparisons and ritual cleansing) pass his green vest and up to his smug countenance, saying, paradoxically "This?? Yer insurance would take care of this?!?!?" He breathed and replied "Yes"

So yeh. Next time you get a camera you may drop and can't afford to replace, consider getting the insurance. And try the Mutton.

Anyway, despite my love/hate with the iPhone camera abilities (everybody has to suck at one thing at least right?) I took these while walking the line from Prospect Heights into Park Slope.
Sign of the times #05 Prospect Heights
From Prospect Heights: I never actually went in here, always considered it. *Le Sigh*

Sign of the times #04 Park Slope
This business was around for quite awhile in Park Slope.

Seems a lot of businesses are shuttering. I notice a lot of the same in Soho last week.
Wonder if they have insurance?


  1. i'm pretty bad about insurance too. am in the market for a new camera and just might take your advice on this. and yeah, lots of for rent, out of business signs of the times.

  2. To read more about the insurance, see

    Henry Posner
    B&H Photo-Video

  3. Well thank you Henry, that is in fact my camera's insurance plan! Well at the risk of becoming an uncompensated endorser, yeah that insurance has been shockingly useful. So far (sent the camera away about ten days ago. maybe I'll post an update when it comes back)


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