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Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Photo Wednesday Concedes, for now...

I've never done this in the year this blog has been up but I just saw this and wanted to share. Plus it's way better than my photo wednesday offerings.

photography by: Jake Dobkin

This is a photo taken of a house on "Admiral Row" in the derelict section of the Brooklyn Navy yard. Since I first wandered down there as a teen I have been curious of the place. The high barb-wired topped brick wall that surrounds the several acre Navy Yard only fueled my imagination. I think these photos are stark, saturated, beautiful payoffs. Enjoy.



  1. i love decrepit old places all charred out in atrophy. whenever i discover one i always wish i had some willing model in tow wearing something like high heels, short shorts and carrying an overpriced pure breed dog. too many fashion mags i guess. when i get my camera we should do saturday picture day.

  2. The thing I love about this photo is that you imagination runs wild with you. How the walls started crumbling, what it looked like when it was newly built...


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