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Thursday, February 12, 2009

The Photo Wednesday that time (I) forgot. Fishy and Crusty no more.

whoa, I missed wednesday all together. I won't bore you with the details of my life but suffice to say I've been very busy. But no excuses and no more delay, folks, it's PhotoWednesday (one day late) and a news day at that.

On a stroll I noticed this:

"Fish and Crustaceans", a friendly small takeout fish shop on Fulton street with barely enough space for the crowds who came to stand inline and order has been part of conversations in the Fort Green Clinton Hill area for years. An instant neighborhood institution in the tradition of neighborhood spots long since passed. According to the signs posted in the window, it has been closed.

All I think of when I see this title is a punchline. It's like they should be selling aquariums, or bait and tackle or something. Frankly I never came up with a winning joke setup good enough for the punchline. The enthusiasm people expressed to me long before I wandered down to Fulton St and encountered Fish and Crustaceans is what inspired me to want to attach a fall-down laughing punchline to my conversations about the Fish Shack. It seemed everyone, everywhere I went for months, was talking about how good the food was despite the awkward name.

I tried the fried fish, with french fries as skeptically as I could and still came away a convert. The food was truly delicious, a sinfully guilty pleasure. I've always believed the mark of good comfort food is the enjoyment that comes from eating something you know is probably not good for you. And the crispy, salty, greasy but not too much, portions along with the total coma I'd fall into after eating seemed to indicate how far from fresh fruit those meals were and added to the pleasure. And sadly now it seems the moment is over in exchange for some actually awkward news.

Closed by order of Board of Health for "operating without a permit". I'll post more as it comes.

1 comment:

  1. hand i hand w/yes we canFebruary 21, 2009 at 9:38 AM

    Dam! I wuz gonna eat there. The name enticed me when I was driving by.
    Fortune prob saved me a stomach-pumping, though


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