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BrooklynBornThis blog started in my head when I listened in the 90's to friends who feared Brooklyn and newcomers who blogged about BK as if it barely existed before they arrived. Brooklyn as Tabula Rasa. My blog satisfies my need to hear and air feelings of B'klyn from the people whose life experience was born here. Also I hope to provide balance to some of the revisionist historical musings I've seen how Brooklyn and her residents used to be, we're still here. If we can all live as best possible while appreciating the past and neighbors we've inherited that would be great too.

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Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Photo Wed: 7/22/09 : Full Gallop

Red Hook Pony
Maybe I need to get off the horse. (Photo taken in Red Hook)

Summer's getting away from me. I know it is. I've been hard at work on multiple fronts, and I'm mostly confident my efforts are creating great works, but I can't even really see. It's like I'm tied to the nose of a great vehicle, plowing through the atmosphere, the air ahead rushing into my face, blinding and suffocating me. I turn my head away just to breathe and gather myself. that works, I can breathe. But all I see is a blur rushing past.

I think that rainy day yesterday unleashed a floodgate somewheres.

In other news the Times reported the City Council is considering a bill to reduce the number of incomplete building construction sites that have become eyesores around the city. With the article was a map which I was happy to see included the rusting shell I encountered and wrote about last month.

However according to what I understood of the article, the Council's suggestions seems to be more of an amnesty program for developers who already got in too deep than an actual step to prevent having derelict skeletons left to rot because they didn't secure funding in advanced. The latter would be my preference.