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Friday, July 31, 2009

Beer Summit (or not....)

I thought the inner turmoil raised by the intersection of race and politics was the most unbearable thing I had experienced (in minutes that last weeks after all I've personally been embraced and snubbed by the Skipper, both times in a case of mistaken identity) but that was nothing compared with the inner conflict that arose from announced drinking choices for the much publicized "BEER SUMMIT"!
HoneyMoon over?
For those who don't know, the cop (Sgt. James Crowley of the Cambridge P.D.) that arrested Dr. Henry Louis "Skip" Gates (noted Black guy) for breaking into his own home, selected (appropriately) BLUE Moon, while out of preference (or the implied subversive palette choice?), Dr. Gates chose (apparently Sam Adams, see my update below)RED Stripe. Those, I kid you not, are my two fave widely distributed bottled beers. My god. Why must we choose sides?

More importantly the Beer Summit suggested by Prez. Obama and joined by V.P. (and foot in mouth disease sufferer) Biden (how greatly awkward must that convo have been ?Luv ya Joe, fer reals!) seems to have gone flat.

My question; why wasn't a funnel involved? Politicians, even President Swagger are supposed to be skilled at ramming things down our throats, couldn't that skill have been employed to generate a Stevie/McCarthy moment?. Frankly I'm still thirsty. For Harmony!

Btw this entire post (which has nothing to do with Brooklyn) is all written to support my graphic, of which I find cool and refreshing.

For those who didn't take the reference/link plunge, I now ram this down your throat:

(UPDATE) It seems that the star of my amazing graphic, Red Stripe, never made it to the party and was instead replaced by Sam Adams (who's going to tell the Jamaicans?!?) I don't know what happen but I suggest an appropriate distraction from this story is to look at your healthcare premiums (or especially, lack of coverage) and drink until the situation becomes even more blurry yet incredibly attractive.

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