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Thursday, July 2, 2009

Dean Street Park gets high quality grass

A few months back I noticed what looked like a baseball field tarp roll in Dean Street park where Prospect Heights wedges in between Park Slope and Fort Greene.
I meant to spread the word because I have a fascination with the futuristic artificial turf that's been sprouting all over the city in the last three years.
Unlike the plastic green bristles of turf that can be found at a home improvement store, the fake green put down by the city has actual strands (blades almost) of "grass" and what appears to be sod down at the root.
I seem to recall hearing it's composed of rubber and partially the remains of recycled sneakers which seems poetically environmental in an artificial way. But then you see what chemicals are used to cut the grass and environmentally friendly becomes less so.
Anyway I wonder if it makes you run faster.


  1. Wow! I just happened upon this and was delighted; I learned to ride my bike and skinned my knees more than a few times in that playground. I grew up on that very block in an apartment house that unfortunately is no longer there. Years ago the Daily News bought a number of the row houses, razed them and used the space as a parking lot. I attended St. Joseph's Parochial School on Dean and Vanderbilt and my sister was married at St. Jospeh's Church in 1969. Thanks for the memories.

  2. My pleasure, by the way that grass (up to now) still hasn't been laid out. The chemical mix intended to adhere it to the ground was judged too toxic from what I heard.

    Question for you, I remember playing in that park in the 70's and that mural in the photo above was vibrant and more solid. Do you have any memories of it? If so would you know when/how/who painted it? Any info is appreciated.

    I love helping coax or revisit memories from Brooklynites so I'm glad you enjoyed the post!

  3. that grass is a whole load of crap !! they took the heart out of dean park which is basketball! the park isnt the same any more nd its for the worse, its taking its toll on the basketball community a lot of basketball players were born in this park , we were left with only two full courts and it angers me!!

  4. I agree ^^^^^ it has brought up many D1 college players, myself included. I was heartbroken when Seen hoops I use to practice on torn down. Theyre just getting rid of all the Ball players in the area.

  5. Thank you for posting this great content. I was searching for this subject for a long time.

  6. I also agree ^^^^. It's an absolute shame that in the shadow of the Brooklyn Nets home court they removed 7-8 back boards from Dean St Park. They stole the soul of the park. I can say with confidence that I have never seen Dean St Park so UNDER used before. The park mostly benefits the (new condo) families who's nannies take their children to the park while they are at work, usually between the hours of 10am - 1pm.

    @Brooklyn Born, the mural in the park during the 70's read "IND Dancers" (International Dancers."


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