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Friday, December 5, 2008

Got Unemployment Records? Let's Dance!

Here's your chance

So yeh we got the USofA ringing up the largest one month job losses since 1974.

And for once MTV perma-lancers can laugh at someone as Viacom laid off 850 and NBC Universal laid of 500, which was this week alone and says nothing about the total 533,000 jobs let go in November.

Whatcha gonna do, cry? Yeh? Maybe, just a bit?

Well don't cry. Dry your eyes, cause if you have no kids, no spouse, no sick relatives, pets, or roommates, than you my friend are officially, on vacation.

Yeh, of course you'll be looking for a job, just like O.J.'s latest antics were an elaborate attempt to look for the real killers; from jail. O.J. golfed while looking, you mah man and mah woman, you're the flyer muthers that are gonna dance. Dance I said.

So make that unemployment claim, chuck that alarm clock, eat a loaf of bread (for a variety of reasons, among them, that it will soon be your staple food) and do to your inhibitions what your job did to you; let it go baby, let it go.

Here's a list courtesy of the Herbert Hollar, from DJ Herbert himself. (Thank me later Herbet, whenever we actually get introduced)

Tonight and every fri - the freedom party!!! - canal room (285 west broadway+canal) DJ Herbert holler + cosi + marc smooth
classic rap/classic r&b/classic reggae/classic house/80s/soul/funk/disco
music videos on big screen - the lowest cover in nyc - no attitude!!!!!
(NO baseball caps/durags/jerseys/shorts/hoodies/big baggy jeans+shirts)
11to4 - gals$7/guys$10/g.a.$15/

fri(05): bronx museum - eli efi/live musicians - global rhythms - 6pm-10
fri(05): guggenheim - the rub!!! - rap/80s/disco/soul/more - 6pm to 10pm
fri(05): santos - q tip/rich medina/gravy - rap/soul/disco/rock/afrobeat/reggae
fri(05): bam cafe/bk - dj true/wax poetics - global soul/brazilian jazz - 8 to 12
fri(05): imperial - roxy cottontail/guests - electro/rap/rock/electronic ish
fri(05): roseland - paul van dyk/jason jollins - house/electro/techno
fri(05): sullivan room - dj true/guests - samba/house/salsa/afrobeat/latin/soul
fri(05): apollo - chrisette michelle/ryan leslie - live r&b and soul
fri(05): arrow - redlox - soul/funk/classic rap/old school/more
fri(05): deity/bk - obah - soul/funk/global soul/rap/r&b/disco/80s/more
fri(05): strata - dj self/kaos - rap/r&b/reggae/olskool
fri(05): sutra - dj center/guests - rap/soul/80s/olskool/r&b/disco
fri(05): prime - bobby trends/big ben/kast one - rap/r&b/reggae/pop
fri(05): 169 bar - chew rocks - soul/classics/latin/rock/electro/afrobeat
fri(05): afterwork/lq - jinx paul/guests - rap/latin/house/classics
fri(05): afterwork/katra - dj hud - rap/r&b/reggae/classics
fri(05): philly/afterwork/world cafe - zenmystic - soul/classics/global
fri(05): denver/wish - dj sky nellor - rap/rock/80s/pop/mashups
fri(05): istanbul/babylon - nickodemus/nappy g - house/global soul
fri(05): mantova/italy/club moxa - kevin hedge - soulful house
sat(06): pacha - martinez brothers/true/brian coxx/kervyn mark/kamala - house/global soul
sat(06): southpaw/bk - cosmo baker - baby loves disco - 6 months + up!
sat(06): brookyn museum - obah/cato - global soul - 9pm to 11pm
sat(06): southpaw/bk - eleven/cosmo baker/ayres - rap/disco/80s/reggae/more - the rub!!!
sat(06): sullivan room - mark farina - downtempo/dub/west coast house
sat(06): drom - cato/lucha/live brazilian band - world music/global soul
sat(06): le poisson rouge - team facelift/aaron la crate/guests - rap/electro
sat(06): hiro - guest djs - rap/r&b/pop/80s
sat(06): highline ballroom - guest djs - rap/r&b/80s/pop/electro
sat(06): vault - marc smooth/cosi/jon quick - rap/r&b/reggae/classics
sat(06): canal room - young guru/guests - rap/r&b/reggae/classics - HU afterparty!
sat(06): imperial - ody rock - rap/r&b/pop/rock/80s
sat(06): sob's - guest djs/live bands - brazilian dance music
sat(06): fr.og - commish - rap/r&b/reggae/olskool
sat(06): strata - big ben/guests - rap/r&b/reggae/olskool/latin
sat(06): black betty/bk - emskee - disco/soul/rap/house/80s/more
sat(06): santos - david bowie ball - all kinds of glam rock stuff
sat(06): sapphire - jazzy nice - latin/house/soul/rap/reggae/classics
sat(06): bb king's - self/norie - rap/r&b/reggae - snl!!!!!
sat(06): providence - guest djs - rap/r&b/reggae/pop/80s
sat(06): bucharest/mashitup - nickodemus/nappy g - house/global soul
sun(07): santos - danny krivit - soulful house/club classics - 6pm-12am
sun(07): drom - tony touch/guests - undrgrnd house/global soul
sun(07): pyramid - mc open mic/freestyle battles - end of the weak!!
sun(07): the eldridge - m.o.s. - pop/electro/mashups - big pocket pimpin!
sun(07): suzy wong - guest djs - rap/r&b/reggae/old school/pop
sun(07): guest house - goldfinger - rap/r&b/reggae/olskool/80s
sun(07): home - soul/guests - rap/r&b/reggae/80s/olskool/latin
sun(07): santos - nicky siano!!!!!/neil aline!!!!! - house/disco/soul/80s
sun(07): bk/langston's - cameron da dj/guests - house/club classics
sun(07): bk/tamboril - mary mac - classics/rap/soul/more
sun(07): room service - will/triple x - rap/r&b/reggae/classics/olskool
sun(07): l.a./lax - steve aoki/guests - electro/80s/rap/rock/pop
sun(07): l.a./vanguard - marques wyatt/guests - house/global ish
mon(08): santos - epmd live!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! - aaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!!!!
mon(08): sob's - kindred family soul -
mon(08): cielo - francois k/guests - deep soulful set from #1 dj vet
mon(08): tillman's - dj op - soul + funk instrumentals + live artists!!!
mon(08): st nick's pub - live incredible jazz - legendary!!!!
mon(08): sway - guest djs - rap/80s/reggae/electro/rock/remixes
mon(08): home/guesthouse - mixx/will/guests - rap/r&b/reggae
mon(08): barcelona/sidecar - nickodemus/wagner/andyloop - house/electro
tue(09): socialista - dj soul/guests - authentic ill ish!!!!!
tue(09): greenhouse - dj reach/guests - rap/pop/80s/mashups
tue(09): apollo - musiq soulchild - live r&b/soul
tue(09): sutra - tony touch/friends - rap/latin/soul/disco/rock/more
tue(09): marquee - guest djs - rap/r&b/reggae/pop/80s
tue(09): sapphire - eman/lola/spider - deep, soulful house/minimal
tue(09): union square lounge - kamala - deep house
tue(09): tillman's - dj center - soul/funk/global soul/jazz/classics/rap
tue(09): afterwork/crunch/fulton st/bk - sweets - soul/funk/house/rap


  1. i have to say one of the most prolific points of my life took place when i was on the dole. dance! dance! ya gotta dance to keep the weight from that bread off.


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