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Thursday, December 11, 2008

The Notorious B.I.D. "Battles" on Fulton St.

Nice Signage
"We Meen Bizness"

The Daily News has this report about the debate (they subtly call it a "war") between merchants on Fulton St. regarding the Business Improvement District that is proposed to go from Rockwell Place (near Flatbush Av) to Bedford Classon Avenue.

The Daily News reports:

But Atchudta Barkr, 28, owner of Sister's Community Hardware near Washington Ave., questioned the value of those services.

"We're paying for someone to sweep and someone to call the police?" she said. "We can call the police ourselves. ... It won't benefit us."

The plan has been approved by the City Planning Commission and will go into effect unless 51% of property owners file their objections by Saturday.

I mentioned a hint of this on an earlier post but I had to add that photo taken yesterday of the Met Supermarket mentioned in the article. Fun.

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