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Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Get your scream on: Public Fare Increase Hearings Jan '09

B'klyn NYC Subway
"So, is the train coming or has it already left the station?"

Hey I'm trying to keep it optimistic as we slowly turn over into this new year. Matter o' fact I plan to prosper in '09 despite all the forecasts and real tight times ahead. But it's hard brother, hard to keep the glass half full when MTA keeps pouring money down the drain and asking me and you for a refill.

The basics of the next year's proposed transit fare increase are these:

Option #1 raise the cost for single rides and cash fares to $3.00 a 50% increase while raising Metrocard fares by about 25%. (I'm sure this is intended to fail)

Option #2 raise all fares to $2.50. If option 2 sounds better it's not in my opinion, it's really a more complete slap to everyone's faces because it removes pricing discounts that are built into (what are now discounted) Metrocard purchases.

I found specifics of the plan on NY1's site.

The public hearings will be held around the city.
The Brooklyn edition of which will be held
Wednesday, January 28, 2009 at:
NY Marriott at the B'klyn Bridge
333 Adams St, Brooklyn

Bring a loud friend.

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It reminds me of an old joke that my family told to much laughter one holiday season long ago. It's war time, and the men are dug in on the front lines in the cold and snow without supplies for weeks. It's wet, there's not shelter and no facilities. One day the Sargent passes the word of good news about supplies. All the men get excited one thing they all can use more than anything is new gear, especially clothing.

The Sargent gathers the men in the largest foxhole and announces,"there's a little good news! you'll all be switching to new underwear!" The men let out a joyous cheer! The Sargent continues saying,"that's right! so all of you take off your drawers and switch with the guy next to you!"

That's how I feel, but I'm staying positive.

Keep that in mind in '09, somebody's gotta get lucky right?

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