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Thursday, June 17, 2010

Greene Hill Food Co-op Gets Putnam Home!

Some friends are on the board of the Greene Hill Food Co-op (representing Fort Greene and Clinton Hill (same thing...)) and I was excited when I first learned of it. That was two years ago. I've moved a bit so my FG/CH radar isn't as sharp as it used to be but here's the big news. Not only has their board unanimously agreed on a location for the new food co-op, it's on a patch of Putnam Avenue (right between Downing and Grand, near Fulton) that has needed something to anchor and propel the area to prosperity.

Specifically I am referring to the short streets between Putnam and Fulton, that since I was a kid three decades ago have been home to at best some dubious activities.

Which is a shame for many reason not the least of which is that in most away from that two block area you have good homes nice blocks and great people. Plus around the corner on Fulton is that great little bakery that opened a year and a half back "Desserts By Michael Allen"

Brownstoner reports the Food Co-op details here:

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  1. Thanks for posting about us! We'd love to add you to our press list for press announcements - what is your email address?


    Anna Muessig
    Greene Hill Food Co-op, Outreach Co-chair


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