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Tuesday, March 24, 2009

When will we stab back at the Empire: meanwhile MTA fares go up.

The MTA fares are going up, again.

Regardless of where you stand, here is the most relevant factoid about the MTA and fare increases. Not one elected official is directly responsible for fares going up or staying put. The MTA is run by a 17 member board selected by politicians but ultimately self governing. The MTA was designed that way so that no politican would be held responsible for the inevitably unpopular fare increases.

So when we the people who pay for these services feel there is injustice in the service we get , the way money is managed and the price we pay, we have no direct person to hold accountable.

If you're pissed off about this, please share this information. Maybe one day we'll all get it together and make the MTA answerable to the Mayor or the Govenor (jeez can you imagine) somebody who could be made to run the MTA better.

(services are being cut btw, click here to see how it affects you)

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  1. Don't discount the strides made by NYPIRGs Straphangers Campaign. Although they are not a governing body, their community activism has resulted in many improvements. Take their 'State of the Subway Report' that rates each line with a dollar value (the L having the highest at $1.40 and W the lowest at 70¢). Until the MTA is answerable to a higher authority they rely heavily on interest groups to be the voice of their riders. Guess it's grass roots or nothing!


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