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Thursday, July 10, 2008

Slow Down

Atlantic Av Motorcyclist accident aftermath
This morning (Wed) on the way to the office a chance encounter with a friend revealed that a motorcyclist had wiped out on Atlantic Av where South Portland becomes 6th Avenue.
Atlantic Av Motorcyclist accident aftermath
By the time I got there the bike (as you can see) and first responders were all that remainded. Firefighters were hosing down the street, hopefully to clear motor and not bodily fluids.
Atlantic Av Motorcyclist accident aftermath
Tonight on the way back from the office at around 10pm also walking down Atlantic Avenue, I heard a deep screech and watched as a guy skidded for at least 60 rain slicked feet clipping the rear end of a yellow cab. The cabbie took off (reminding me of what it was like as a kid in brooklyn when my mom would threaten that if I broke my neck, she would kick my ass) I guess his taxi mom has the same policy, regardless the cabbie barely slowed before peeling out. The driver of the skidded car swerved left and right before resting next to the sidewalk.
The driver was at fault and at this moment is probably still waiting for a tow truck since even from my view a half block away I could see his grill was smashed and dangling. Unlike the typical case the cabbie had the right of way, turning north on Vanderbilt from Atlantic and wasn't even going that fast when speed racer plowed through the intersection. Nobody else was hit in the crash from what I saw.

Driver Dude: if you ever read this and recognize yourself, WTF??,
you were going at least 40 with a solid orange light in front of you and wet streets below...
Atlantic Av Motorcyclist accident aftermath
I hate being preachy but you had to see how needless this smashup was and how easily it could have been avoided. It's okay though, we can all slow down, right?

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