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Thursday, July 10, 2008

Local Boy Makes Good! (really!)

Ignoring my actual job I blog now for the third time today to tell you this:

I just read the story of Anthony Hewitt (pictured) a young man from Brooklyn who's not only been signed to play baseball for the Philadelphia Phillies, 1.38 millions signing bonus! He's also got as part of the deal received four years paid at Vanderbilt college where he'll study business.

The young ballplayer grew up in Crown Heights, lived on Eastern Parkway and went to PS9 among other schools.

The Daily News goes on to say Hewitt idolized A-Rod as a kid...(you're all so quick on this, there's no point to add)

A Phillies player?!? oh, it's Brooklyn phenom Anthony Hewitt. okay.

Sports hasn't really been a major component of this "UBB" blog but maybe I'll have to post a stories of the other Brooklyn born athletes who've made it to the big leagues.

Here's an example Willie Randolph the Hall of Fame bound World Series winning player and coach (shamelessly fired last month by the Mets. punks.) Not only played High School ball at Samuel J. Tilden in East Flatbush, but when I was there on the baseball team in the 80s his uniform (from 1972) was still in use. Trivia! Feel the enlightenment!

Anyway congrats Anthony Hewitt, wishing much success to you, keep Brooklyn in your heart and you'll be fine.

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