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Wednesday, December 2, 2009

PhotoWed! 12/02/09 : Borough of (Vanishing) Churches Edition

If memory serves there was a piece in the Ken Burns documentary "New York" that describes the rivalry between Brooklyn and Manhattan. In that segment, Brooklynites as far back as the 19th century would boast of the many classic houses of worship the borough had to offer, calling Brooklyn the "Borough of Churches" as a means of highlighting the greatness of the place. Bitter Manhattanites of the era were said to retort, that's cause "Brooklyn's a great place to die!"

Well these days it seems the churches are the ones that're fading.

Today's photo Wednesday comes from the Clinton Hill / Prospect Heights border where sits a church on Pacific between Vanderbilt and Underhill, that one of my aunts has warm and spooky stories about.

Church on Pacific St

There's more story than that but suffice to say it seems the church is coming down steeple by steeple if my photo shows true.

Anybody know more?


  1. i don't think it's coming down, but the opposite. they're undertaking a major restoration project. i hear they have a new priest who's really trying to inject some new energy into the church. haven't met him personally, but heard good things.

  2. Hey Anonymous don't be shy share with the class : )
    It would be great if some revitalization of the church and it's land were going down, but judging from my eyes and the photo above one of those steeples has come down. But please if you gots the news, I'd love to hear about it.

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