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Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Photo Wednesday 12/30/09: Snow more fun Edition

On the edge of tomorrow.... soooo many things to report for this Photo Wednesday new businesses opening in the otherwise cold winter....bus service being painfully cut throughout the city, (riders of the B48, B7, B45 this means you) the Vanderbilt/Atlantic Yards monster being animated by our "blood"(tax dollars) and "steroids"(dubious investment sources) and more including Snowboarding?!?

BLKOPS-122009-loRes from jsjcreative on Vimeo.

Brownstoner's "Closing Bell" yesterday had a post and the above short video featuring Brooklyn snowboarders taking to the hills of Fort Greene Park, having fun and teaching the youth, until the Parks staff show. It's a cool idea and steps over a lot of misconceptions about what urban people, youth in particular would be into. Why not have more winter activities and mentor-ship utilizing the city parks?

2009 coming to an end, who besides people who became parents, married or hired are really sorry to see this year go. I don't have a decade wrap to add either. My eyes are faced front, my hears though take consul from the past.

Be safe out there and have a happy new year's celebration!


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