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Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Photo Wednesday 12/16/09: Breaking News edition: Atlantic Station opens tomorrow next week

It's been announced that the 8 years in the making hollow space that is the entrance to the Atlantic Avenue LIRR/Subway station is opening tomorrow next week. Here's some pics of what awaits ye:

Atlantic Station Interiors, Almost Finished 12/12 15

Seriously it took 8 years to make a hollow building and two staircases?!? It's as underwhelming as the mall it's connected to. Does anyone really expect the Ratner Stadium planned across the street is going to be any better than this?

Here's some more to see as we ponder how many years, tax payer dollars and poor planning will go into the proposed Atlantic Yards stadium, which by the way the billionaire developer (Ratner) has made a half billion on but hasn't paid to the service cutting poverty claiming M.T.A.

Oh !$#? Bring on the Q*Bert.


  1. Hi,

    So THAT"s what it's gonna look like . . .

    Eight years. 'tis amazing indeed. Will it really open next week I wonder? Next year? And what's with the big blocks outside?

    I remember when the station was quite literally a hole in the ground with this little currogated tin shack for an entrance. Do any pictures exist of the old Atlantic Station? I've heard it was quite beautiful.

    Nice photos btw . . .


    December 20, 2009 10:21 AM

  2. Hey Tim, I remember the old station, that's how ancient I am. It was up until 89ish. And though it was rundown from it's prime, until city officials mismanagement actually allowed it to fall further into disrepair (not repairing the roof, to the point where rain fell inside the station) until it was so ruined that demolishing it was declared to be better for it.

    Sound familiar?

    This site has really detailed great photos that match some of my memories:

  3. Do enough people even TAKE the LIRR to merit this? How bout fixing up the subway entrances instead?!

  4. Well I haven't looked up readership or usage of the Flatbush Av LIRR station, but the station as a whole is one of the most heavily used in the city (i think it's fourth or fifth in the city). There's also the arguement that 21 years without a full station and a lot of construction through much of that time has led to decreased usage of that part of the LIRR. There needs to be a station there, it doesn't have to be expensive, it didn't have to be grandiose. What we got was the worst of both worlds. Underwhelming and expensive/late/overbudget.

  5. thanks for the link. I just got it now. What an incredible waste of what was a beautiful station. yes, the story is all too familiar - not just here, but across North America (and Britain for that matter - in the 80's there had been plans to tear down St. Pancrass Station - surely one of the world's great train stations - and only lobbying by a coterie of activists saved it. Now of course, it is the British side of the Chunnel).

    I walked by the new station last week. 'Underwhelming' was exactly the thought that popped into my head. Does not bode well for the rest of the Atlantic Yards project.




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