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Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Photo Wednesday Returns, Musing Edition

out of the sky I landed with a thud. New York, again New York. The city, it's cabs, subways, hotdogs, wisecracks always right on time. It would be like this for 36 hours more, at least. I wondered how much more?

I've been away from the blog, the borough, the whole damn thing.
I found what was left, yes it was me, and the experience all cliche and true.

Here's some photos I've taken since the return:

I (still) hate this building
I still hate this building (situated north of Myrtle Ave, Btwn Hall & Washington, Clinton Hill), too big (again, it blocks the view from two miles away on Washington and Eastern Parkway, at least the view I'm used to)

I made it into the Pratt Walk w/o a hassle.
I got through Pratt Campus to see how my alumni donations are spend, this time they let me in....

This factory has always given me a chill, for years I thought I imagined it, and even then, it only existed in twilight's haze.

Cycle shop on Myrtle btw Washington and Hall
Huzzah new cycle shop, this one on Myrtle (it's news to me) I dig the old trim of the store's metal rims

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