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Wednesday, May 27, 2009

PhotoWedns 5/27/09 Green, Road killed.

Road killed (great street art in Williamsburg)

So delighted and intrigued by this.
For those who want to hunt it yourselves, I came across it in WillyB, near the new developments going on by the waterfront (forgive me I NEVER remember which street is which in Williamsburg)

The piece is instantly engaging, entertaining and inspired these questions in my mind:

Who's the artist(s)?
What's the mechanics involved in installing?
What's the message? Simple whimsy, typical WillyB irony, a statement about green-spaces killed by development? (it's place on the boundary wall of a construction site) or meant to be all of the above.

Overall exactly what art in general and street art in particular should be in my measure; instigation and interaction with the street and world beyond.

Happy Wednesday

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  1. i love it. and how come i didn't get a holla when you were in the hood?!


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