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Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Green Fill for Tues May 12th

Moving Sucks.

Public Art meets Greening Space, Falls in Love (CU)

I don't care if it's furniture, clothing, pets, mountains or digital files it's all a less than royal pain.

Now that I've vented assume that as the reason most posts of late, have been few and far between.

All I will add is it boggles my mind when I realize that most of the work and time I've burned for the last four weeks has been aimed at dismantling and reassembling my physical and virtual life, so that in the end I can actually do things in said life.

Enuff rambling, this just in:

Assembly Member Letitia James's office would like you to know that at 2:30 pm today a press event was held to discuss the importance of reducing our community’s contribution to global warming, as well as our use of non-renewable resources.

Council Member James joins Jed Marcus, coordinator of the Fort Greene Association’s Green Fort Greene & Clinton Hill (GFGCH) spring greening initiatives, for a press event on Tuesday, May 12th, at 2:30 pm, in front of Marcus Attorneys, located at 13 Greene Avenue (near Fulton St.) "

Topics covered were:

Recycling in parks: this project is taking place on a pilot basis in Fort Greene Park, Cuyler Gore Park, as well as Underhill Playground. Bins will be placed first for paper, and then for bottles and cans later this month.

Lawn Litter Act signs
: GFGCH is distributing free waterproof signs to prevent unwanted paper waste and to encourage businesses to promote themselves in a more green way, such as through their websites.

Tree bed expansions: in order to maintain the health of trees that line the streets of Fort Greene/Clinton Hill - GFGCH with Council Member James want to expand tree beds to 50 square feet. This project called Take Back the Pavement will create longer living trees and more shade, safer sidewalks, as well as jobs for the community.

Who: Council Member Letitia James, Attorney Jed Marcus, and Academy for Young Writers students

What: Press Conference highlighting the Green Fort Greene & Clinton Hill spring greening initiatives

When: Tuesday, May 12th at 2:30 pm, in front of 13 Greene Avenue - near corner of Fulton Street

Contacts: Amyre Loomis at (718) 260-9191, and Jenna Payne at (718) 643-6555

Photos courtesy of me (as usual) location Myrtle Avenue Near Cumberland

(I love this entire deal the public art, the myriad readings one can make into the art, the technical craft, I've just been to busy to post about it. I've added these photos to this post because they are suitable for expressing how much I long for the sensation of creating and how much I want to be devoting my time to doing more creating.
Just like these trees and tree folk seem to be expressing the moment of leaving and/or reconnecting and how much emotional energy is bound up in that action. Le Sigh.)

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