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Tuesday, April 22, 2008

City Buildings Department criticised in wake of city wide construction destruction

After a public expression of non-support from the Mayor, the Commissioner of Buildings has resigned, this in relation to all the poorly supervised construction sites in the city and unfortunately, occasional falling bodies. The video below is from the Brooklyn accident in February:

I wrote about this when the first rumblings were reported this morning and the story didn't stop obviously. Here's the posting I was writing before the commish got sacked:
A story in Tuesday's NY Times about criticism of the City Buildings Department and it's commissioner over the flurry of construction deaths and building accidents, 12 already this year.

Included in the article is the crane collapse in midtown that destroyed a neighboring building, the worker who fell to his death at the new Trump building in Soho, there's no specific mention of the worker who dangled from a scaffolding eventually plummeting to his demise in Brooklyn on Clinton Ave.

Also mentioned in the article, the fact that the building who's crane destroyed it's neighbor, was out of scale for it's zoning area and should not have been built. This was confirmed by the Commissioner of Buildings. Makes you wonder if we as a city can increase scrutiny of projects and stop giving up the city to over zealous developers who are tearing down more than they are putting up.

New York Buildings Chief Resigns

NYTimes: For Buildings Official, Criticism Comes to a Boil (Published: April 22, 2008)

AP:NYC mayor examining buildings department after 13 deaths (Published: April 22, 2008)

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