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Friday, April 25, 2008

50 Shots Not Reckless Enough?

This is video from the LIRR station roughly two blocks from the Sean Bell killing.

You'll see the result of at least one of the 50 bullets fired at a car
two blocks away.

These were the misdemeanor charges against the officers:
• Reckless endangerment
Firing a bullet that passed through the window of an occupied residence

• Reckless endangerment
For Discharing pistols on a street where others were present

How can there be a not guilty verdict on this?

Worse what this decision states as a result, is there was no mis-action, nothing wrong nothing to correct. Expect innocent men to continue being killed by police.

Ask yourself and others, how? why?


  1. What do we do now? It's 2008!!! Black men still getting shot down in cold blood like animals in the woods!! Marching doesn't do anything. Where do we go from here? What do WE as a a RACE have to do to let this nation know that this is NOT ACCEPTABLE!!?? Do we boycott? Do we do a letter protest and put major pressure on the mayor, the governor and our "senator"? I'm at a lost for words! I shouldn't have to feel HELPLESS in 2008!!!

  2. I think the best we as individuals can do is not accept it, not allow this to be normal, make noise where needed and possible, we need to not allow the issue to fade with ourselves so we'll have the energy to bring it up with out families, friends, coworkers, who ever we can so that we will be prepared to act and make a change. what change do i think that is? i think the laws need to change. these killings are condoned because of the system's perception of us, and the laws that all our collective deaths. we have to get these laws changed, so that there will be an effort to change the inequities of policing in our communities.


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