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Monday, February 4, 2008

Breaking News:
Anything IS possible
NY Giants Super Bowl Champs

(Photo Credit: Chris O'Meara / Gene Puskar / Associated Press)

The Super Bowl Champ NY Football Giants will be spoken of a thousand times before I finish this posting.
For those who cared to watch the game, it was at times, pure electric. I loved it as I think any New Yorker should and I accept the doubts I will attract when I say I never doubted them.

But for those of you reading this I'd like to offer you a moment unseen by the millions that happened beyond the field of Glendale, Arizona. This is was my highlight straight outta Brooklyn USA.

Ya see, I was lucky enough to be invited to a massive and annual Super Bowl party thanks to Dana, Shay and Des (as well as thanks to true blue Giant fan Leigh for introducing them to me last year) and the crowd seemed only %66 in favor of the Giants, which shocked me. And I don't know what this meant but a large number of the Patriot fans seemed to be women.

Except for one brother, one excited and vocal brother.

Late in the game the Patriots scored which put them in the lead which for some, seemed to be the setup to impending victory. That was when that (almost) lone Patriot fan who had been a one man pep squad all game, leaped into a boisterous rant, going as far at one point to insist that we all, each of us, shake his hand like men after the upcoming Giant loss.

That was his retort you see, because minutes earlier the Giants had scored what seemed to be their winning touchdown. At that time, that Giant touchdown was their first after a long period on non scoring, and it motivated all the New York fans in attendance to leap to our feet, hugging, celebrating, whooting, hollering and spontaneously breaking into that now well known political chant of "Yes We Can!" "Yes We Can!" We must have chanted for a minute solid. From my perspective, there was a whimsical glance passed from fan to fan, each of us soaked in hyperactive joy.

So yes, as mentioned the Pats did score again, and as you know the Giants did as well, winning the game. But for me that moment of celebration in that Giant room with Giant screen TVs and excited Giant Fans of various and even dark and lovely shades chanting "Yes We Can!" felt like victory and was a moment I'll remember just as much as the game.

After all if the Giants could win, anything could happen.


  1. V I C T O R I O U S!!! I can't put into words the feeling that I felt when Eli escaped a sack and threw a 30+ yard pass to David Tyree for the craziest catch I've seen in Superbowl history! Great game!!!

    First off, let me apologize to anyone who may have been offended by my extreme antics but I've been that way since I was a kid (maybe not as much profanity) but regardless, extremely passionate when I watch football, particularly the NY Giants. Secondly, even if you weren't a fan of football, you had to love the energy and comradery of the fans rooting for the GMEN.

    To all you Pat fans, one word... "KARMA"! You can't cheat and expect that shit to not come back to you sooner or later. Better sooner :-) Also, there was also a book already to be released called "19-0" in honor of the 'record' that the Pats were going to match. FUCK YOU!!!

    On that note, we are the champs and it feels really fucking good!!! BALLIN!


  2. Exactly Leigh, in my mind, as unimportant as sports may be in the world view, that feeling when you watch people you identify with achieve the seemingly impossible is why humans have sport.


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