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Sunday, May 2, 2010

Day One, Brooklyn Bridge Park

You'll flip for it, Brooklyn Bridge Park
If ever in doubt on how to express joy and fun, check in with a kid. Above, a little girl puts in some Q/C on the lawn opening day of One Brooklyn Bridge Park.

Normally my Bk nature event of choice to start of May is Sakura Matsuri the Cherry Blossom Festival at the Brooklyn Botanical Gardens (and it is going on as I write this Sunday afternoon) but yesterday I broke with tradition to take in the newest bit of greenery in Brooklyn, Brooklyn Bridge Park.

The park is as a sapling to a tree. Much of it isn't complete...
Ponds aren't filled,
Bklyn Bridge Park IMG_8445

One Brooklyn Bridge Park IMG_8459
bike paths are roped off,
One Brooklyn Bridge Park IMG_8464
stairs and a granite structure meant to invoke natural rock formations and provide riverside seating offers a sign instead of the full on experience.

What is in effect is the lawn and the location. Situated over a former port authority pier, (which you can see in dozens of old NY movies) I was happily struck by all the new angles I had of old familiar subjects. In that way it reminds me of the long replacement pier built on the west side of the village. That pier extends so far into the Hudson it feels like you can walk to Hoboken, and it offers great views down river.

Similar for the new BK Bridge park, great angles on the Bridge towers. I was also excited to see some serious destro-porn in the form of the old National Building in various stages of destruction.

The space also provides a much needed parallel view back at all those South Street Seaport gawkers.

One Brooklyn Bridge Park IMG_8458
The work in progress park has a pleasant cozy feel. But bring your sunblock because all the trees at this time are saplings and there is absolute no shade to be found.

And despite all that, I loved it. I'm very excited to see more.

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