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Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Photo Wednesday 03/10/10 : Meeting the Deadline Edition

Downtown Brooklyn Bavaria? 1

Funny thing about life, time and our perceptions of it all. I think it's funny that we interact with deadlines. That we judge ourselves by our stage of completion in approximation to deadlines becomes absurd in the face of the finality of most human endeavors. Are we trying to demonstrate foresight? Are we priming ourselves to be the pinnacle of human punctuality? Are we covering our ass? Maybe it's a combination of all.

We even make artificial deadlines, which is a little like buying presents for ourselves and pretending Santa did it, then dressing as Santa while having a congratulatory cookie snack, which we left for ourselves and finally avoiding mirrored surfaces, less the whole farce shatter.

I'm suddenly surrounded by deadlines. When I worked in publishing my favorite work-phrase was "dropdead" which was the penultimate deadline. Implying if work were not complete by that time the Apocalypse would ensue thereby making arguments about fonts, serifs and leading all woefully moot.

These days my favorite work phrase is "frame fucking".

Life is motion, rather than look at a time coming why is it so hard to visualize the time that's always passing?

Downtown Brooklyn Bavaria? 1
The photo above comes from a building I never fail to forget exists. It's tucked into the beginning or end of Nevins street. I would love to know Nevin's history but I don't save for the fact that the Fox Studios theater was here in the 30's

The building has that kind of Bavarian exterior you can find in Crown Heights, Astoria and Forest Hills in Queens. I wonder if the building is on borrowed time.

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