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Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Photo Wedns: 8/5/09 Your Own Personal Jesus Edition

whew, set up a posting routine, then go and miss it by one post and it feels like an eternity since I've been active on this. The reason? Life. No, nah, good stuff. Reconnected with friends over the weekend, (so much so that I missed everything come Monday) and last night there was Depeche Mode.
depechemode crowd photo
Fun and Exciting, and occassionally Awesome. Although, upon entering Madison Square Garden I wondered if the concert would have been better titled "The Paunchy Khaki Shorts Wearing, Middle Aged White Guys (and the former Goths and High School Sweethearts They Married) Tour"

After the show we were shown to the Titanic Boiler Room that is Madison Square Garden's back staircase. I think I passed a cow wearing white makeup on the way down the stairs.

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