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Wednesday, August 12, 2009

I missed it monday, here's last weekend

A good weekend takes days to respond to. so sayeth me. Last weekend was a great weekend so much so that I totally missed my "Missed it Mondays" edition.

Without much ado here's the highlights:

Friday was a movie with the fellahs, (avoid GI Joe)

followed by a rubberneck moment at this accident and the accident heavy intersection of Vanderbilt and Atlantic (is it right-of-way on turns causing the uptick?)

it seems the sedan was from Evelyn car service, located on Vanderbilt a few blocks south. (overheard but not confirmed)

finally a quick wander through Franklin Park.

Saturday I didn't get to see Big Daddy Kane at Prospect Park, but I did see some big air and daddy's on boards at the Skate Park Jam held by Park Delicatessen on Saturday(which was so popular the cops decided to visit not once but twice).
Young Brooklyn Skater
The event was held across from Park Delicatessen (the skate and floral shop's inherited name)
Park Delicatessen 8/8 skate park in PS 316 school yard

Obama Deli had work done was stepping down, in name at least the Times FG/CH Blog has the deets:

There was no lederhosen but Der Schwarze Koelner BierGarten finally opened to a packed house. Much bier was consumed, happily.

Under the Brooklyn Bridge (and yet still D.U.M.B.o) the Brooklyn Flea Sunday edition was under way,
Sunday Brooklyn Flea under the Brooklyn Bridge
which gave me a chance to (again finally) sample the Lobster from the Red Hook Lobster Pound.
Red Hook Lobster Pound stand at Brooklyn Sunday Flea
Yummy as all hell (if hell were delicious)
This was the only pic I took of the food that didn't make it look like starving termites with dynamite had attacked it.

I finally got to the see the pomposity that is Yinka Shonibare MBE at the Brooklyn Museum and I really enjoying his brand of Art, ego unleashed and all. My fave part was in the accompanying video in which he described something as beautiful as he is. Plus Mannequins in a threesome, how can you not like that?

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