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BrooklynBornThis blog started in my head when I listened in the 90's to friends who feared Brooklyn and newcomers who blogged about BK as if it barely existed before they arrived. Brooklyn as Tabula Rasa. My blog satisfies my need to hear and air feelings of B'klyn from the people whose life experience was born here. Also I hope to provide balance to some of the revisionist historical musings I've seen how Brooklyn and her residents used to be, we're still here. If we can all live as best possible while appreciating the past and neighbors we've inherited that would be great too.

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Wednesday, July 24, 2013

PhotoWeds 072413 : Weiner GagReflex Edition

Today's photo for Wednesday comes courtesy of CNN and that silly Weiner.

So uhh...

(oh wait! Press play on the youtube link, trust me)

Ah.. Better.

(image from photo by Kathy Willens)

So Weiner, out in the news, again. Didn't we do this dance (yes?) Didn't I already write this post? (pretty much) So with as little humility and modesty as our attempted Weiner of a Mayor I'm reposting everything I wrote already last May about this Weiner attempting to act as if his character flaws aren't present or an issue.

Because as the Weiner is attempting to demonstrate, Phoning it in has become status quo for many. (and keep that song going, "...round and round, round it goes, where it stops, nobody knows...")


Click the image or this link for the original unwanted weiner post.