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Saturday, June 29, 2013

StudioBPM last night Yah! & Grove Alley Happened, Meh.

Grove Alley a heavily promoted street that dead end's behind part of Downtown Brooklyn no one knew existed was given a party, a dose of hip and college try. The food trucks were faves, the crowd was young, trepidatious with notes of lascivious and the vendors showed their goodies. I wasn't moved but I did get this great shot:

Definitely a lot of potenial for the space and I'm sure the powers that be in real estate will make another swing since the alley is in the nexus of several literally up and coming condos downtown. For my tastes I'd need a little less Hooser hooser_DSC1691 Meanwhile Studio BPM avoided the whimper choosing instead to go with the musical bang ala jam session. studioBPM_jam_web_DSC1831 It was crowded, cozy, loud, rapturous a little drunken and everything else the hole in the wall music venue has been for ten years, if it had to close it went out hard. studiobpm-jam-web_DSC1902 StudioBPM-jam-web_DSC1860 StudioBPM_Web_guyphoto_DSC1899

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