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Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Photo Wednesday 08/17/11: Ft. Greene Park Summer 2011 Edition

I don't want to alarm you, but summer is more than half over.
Like so many summers before this, too much is going on, all the time, even with rain-delays, for my one man operation to live it, record it and present it. The idea of doing a summer review in September came to mind, and then I realized the problem with that; nothing worse than looking back on a summer you can be part of, especially with the Fall chill creeping in. SO my suggestion to you and all is to take note of the days we have left, think of the sun and fun to come, and go get some (or some more) before it runs out.

One particularly summery place this year in Brooklyn has been Fort Greene Park, often over shadowed by it's bigger cousin Prospect, Ft. Greene Park has been a constant source of music, community and more a few times, really good eats. Below are pics from the Soul Summit and a few from the Fort Greene Fest held back in July.

The Soul Summit, a non-denominational church revival-slash- family reunion disguised as a House Music dance party (aren't they all though?) was a major event every Sunday from July to August for one brief Summer back round 2003 or so. But neighborhood grumblings pruned it down year after year until now it's nearly as easy to miss as Haley's Comet or some other fast moving celestial phenomenon. That being the case I went out and what essentially looks very much the same and different every year. In a word, it's "Family".

Ft. Greene Park Summer 2011 DSC_0316, originally uploaded by b'klynborn.
this photo came from the dance circle and the young brotha in the photo had been moving through the circle punctuated by drums and some rhythms only felt. The moment captured in the shot was that last step at the end of his motions.

Here is one of those cool brothas, a house head and dancer extraordinaire. I've seen him at various spots across the city and across the years, always accompanied by house music and i dont even know his name. Good shot though, lotta twisting and turning frozen in time.

to the beat of the drum(djimbe)

Soaking it in at the Soul Summit

Drummers and percussionists all.

I missed the better shot when dad came down to meet him, but still happy i caught part of the moment.

rhythm and hues

DJ Ian Friday working the decks

Church by any other name...

And for good measure I've added a few more photos that help describe the Fort Greene Fest held in mid-July

Mos Def rocking the crowd in Fort Greene Park, originally uploaded by b'klynborn.

Mos Def rocking the crowd in Fort Greene Park

Crowd shot looking back from the stage (Food tents cooking in the background, there were over 15 tents from local eateries selling food at the event)

From way back up on the hill watching the stage at the 3rd Annual Fort Greene Fest in Bklyn (of course)

Get up, get out and get sum summer.

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