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Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Photo Wednesday 07/13/11 : The Most Famous man on the Brooklyn IRT

I think I just figured a solution to the summer Photo Wednesday dilemma, which is too many things going on to only have one photo for wednesday. The solution is I'll try loading all the week's contenders from flickr (much faster than coding) and then list them up to number one.

Today's number one is this brother who's name I don't know, and who I've never spoken with, but I've heard his voice. And if you read the IRT in Brooklyn (yes I'm trying to keep the IRT name alive) then you've probably heard his voice too. he has what at first looks like a walkman, or discman. You'll notice that almost last though. What you'll notice first is a sharp crackly crash of sound wrapped around a distorted voice, doing what is either Dance Hall chanting, Kareoke Vocoder, or CB Radio mimicing.

This brother replete in a single ensemble then begins the magic, a full on performance, featuring energy, music, and interpretive dance. What his intentions are can not be known for sure, but he's not shy that's for certain.

I first noticed him two years ago, shortly after Michael Jackson's death. This brother was doing abbrevatated moonwalks at Atlantic Avenue. Where interestingly, is where the above photo was snapped.

This time out I caught a picture and noticed that everyone around watching him seemed to have a story about him already.

He doesn't need twitter, he's trending in the real.

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